About Us

Our Company

We are a veteran-owned and operated recreational vehicle (RV) service company located in the metro Augusta, Georgia area. We are a highly recommended mobile RV service vendor for several RV retailers in the area. As a certified technician through the RV Technical Institute, we provide services and repairs on all RV brands (including electrical, plumbing, appliances, interior and exterior rebuilds/repairs, and much more). We have a background and expertise in handling service warranties and work submitted for insurance claims. We do not service chassis or engines.

As an owner of RVs over the years and later working at a RV retailer’s service center, I developed skills and techniques that lead me down the path of starting my own company. Through my experience at the service center, I realized that many families are now living full-time in their RV and are unable to bring their RV to a physical service center. After hearing the community speak about the burden of moving out of their home to make simple repairs, the stress of moving their homes to a service center, or even those families on vacation needing urgent help on-site, the vision for Veterans Mobile RV Service company was created.


My goal in creating this company is to help families stay in their homes while repairs are being made, alleviate the stress of finding a way to transport their homes to a service center, and keep families on vacation while I do a simple repair on-site.

Give Back

As an expert in this community that I love, by providing information on how to care for and do preventative maintenance on RVs. Please follow my social media platforms below to learn all the best tips and tricks on how to enjoy your RV year-round.​

Belief System

My grandfather and my Dad instilled the belief that “You do it right the first time or don’t do it at all.” I bring this belief system into my work and strive to be the professional that goes above and beyond to get the work done right the first time.